The Best Lap Swim Pools in the East Bay

Looking to swim laps in the East Bay? We have some awesome pools here. Here’s my roundup so far, after swimming morning laps this side of the Bay for almost a year:

Aqua Zumba at the Plunge

The Richmond Plunge in Richmond, CA (hours and info). $5 for a day pass. This is as good as it gets – the Cathedral of Bay area swimming pools. Built in 1926, this community ‘natatorium’ was renovated and reopened in 2010 after several decades of decay. Everything about the place is awesome, and the staff is friendly too.

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In Search of Great Posters

While researching poster art for my virtual poster display, I’ve stumbled upon some great online collections. They’re hard to find, because great posters are mostly privately owned or buried in a museum vault, invisible except for the occasional book or auction catalog. Here’s some of the best I’ve found online so far. I’ll continue to add to this list:

9971_0eab09b8e64a669d_bHow Posters Work: The Cooper-Hewitt Collection. This stunning set of 172 images is from an exhibition Cooper-Hewitt mounted in 2015.

In their words: “How Posters Work demonstrates how some of the world’s most creative designers have employed and pushed the boundaries of two-dimensional design, harnessed the mechanics and psychology of perception, and  mastered the art of storytelling to produce powerful acts of visual communication. Many of the posters on view are the work of revered American designers, such as Paul Rand, Ivan Chermayeff, and Milton Glaser.”

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Alan Doyle Rocks the Freight

Stopped in to see who was playing tonight after my bluegrass jam class at the Freight and Salvage, and it turned out to be this guy Alan Doyle and his band The Beautiful Gypsies. He’s a Canadian musician, known for having been in a folk rock band called Great Big Sea, plus a few acting gigs.

And he can really rock.

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