Hungry, Foolish, Hitchhiking.

“The frame of mind of the young hitchhiker is one of the freest frames of mind there is,” Stewart Brand told The Guardian in 2013. “You’re always a little bit hungry and you know you are being completely foolish.”

Brand coined the phrase ‘stay hungry; stay foolish,’ for the back cover of the last Whole Earth Catalog in 1975, along with a picture of the open road. Steve Jobs made it famous with the finale of his 2005 Stanford commencement address: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish: I have always wished that for myself, and now… I wish that for you.”


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Words to Work By, Revisited


Just came across this list I wrote for the Quizlet company handbook in 2010. I was trying to convey some of my personal values I hoped would become part of the culture. We had a young team (see above), mostly in their early 20s, and in their first jobs. I’m proud to say they followed a lot of this advice, except for a few non starters (e.g. music and texting):

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Marketing Ideas to Speed Electric Car Adoption


Electric cars in 2017 are selling at a snail’s pace – in the tens of thousands per year. At this rate, they won’t meaningfully reduce carbon emissions for decades (too late).

Creative, aggressive marketing is needed, ASAP, to change this. Unlike the Prius, which quickly became “the car to buy if you care about the environment” and has sold millions (5.7M so far, despite being ugly), electric cars are still “the car you wish you could buy, maybe in a couple years.”

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Local Artists I Like

Here’s a list of local (Bay Area) artists I’ve discovered – and liked – for one reason or another. I’ll keep adding more:

Oree Originol – Oakland. (website) Discovered him through the utility box he painted on Sacramento Street.  He does colorful abstract mosaic-type paintings and murals, and also protest posters, like the ‘Justice for Our Lives’ series below.

oree justice.jpg

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