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Capitalism And Activism Are Both Necessary

Capitalism produces the technologies we need; activism is needed to get them deployed. The following is a short talk I’ve given a couple times recently. We need capitalism AND activism to go fast on climate.

Dave’s Climate Tech + Solutions Glossary

Want to learn more about climate technologies and solutions? Welcome to my complete climate tech/solutions glossary – much easier than Googling! Each section includes definitions of key terms and concepts, plus a short overview and

Climate capitalism

Forty Great Podcast Episodes

Want to go deep on climate tech and decarbonization? Binge some podcasts! In particular, these forty great episodes I’ve hand-picked for you. It may also help to brush up on your climate tech/decarb lingo using

Battery Generators Are Coming For Diesel

It can be hard to stay emotionally ‘up’ in the war against fossil fuels… because fossil fuels are still winning. But there’s nothing like seeing an actual climate tech deployment to change my brain chemistry

A Playlist of Awesome Heat Pump Ads

What if the U.S. had great marketing for heat pumps? They do in other countries… take a look at these awesome heat pump TV ads I found on YouTube. Apparently Thailand, Pakistan, India, Greece, Spain,

Climate activism

What Are The Top Obstacles To Climate Progress?

Climate solutions and decarbonization face many obstacles. For starters, people don’t like change, and our global economy is powered by burning fossil fuels. Global fossil fuel revenues are four trillion dollars per year (of which

Can Japan Decarbonize?

We went to Japan this summer, and it’s an amazing place (see my Japan In 20 photos post). On climate though, Japan seems asleep at the wheel. But that could change. Economically mighty Japan could

Starter List Of Climate Philanthropy Resources

Thinking about giving money to climate-related causes? Here’s a list that may be a useful starting point. Note: this post isn’t a personal endorsement of any of these organizations. Also, they or their affiliates may

Climate art

The Japanese Art Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are everywhere in Japan. They’re advertised constantly on TV (as they are all over Asia, see this playlist).

Climate Superhero Avatars

Need a new avatar? Or just a visual reminder of you own climate superpowers? Here’s a gallery of climate superheroes I whipped up… with the DALLE-2 AI, ‘in the style of’ various famous artists (can

Not climate

1970’s Subway Ads, 50 Years Later

I was a kid in the 1970s, so when I catch a 1970s vibe I pay attention. Recently at the NYC Transit Museum in Brooklyn I discovered a 1970’s subway car full of vintage 1970s

Backstage At Madison Square Garden

I got to live the dream last night – VIP backstage passes at a rock concert, the fancy food spread, even hanging in out in the musicians’ dressing rooms. And the band was Phish, who

Japan In Twenty Photos

We just visited Japan for the first time; it’s an amazing place. For those of you who asked to see pics, here’s my top twenty, with some commentary. Tokyo is a city of ambitious architecture

Will Multicultural Education Matter In The AI Age?

I was invited to write an essay for a book about the future of multilingualism and cultural fluency. Instead, we did a Q&A style interview which will be condensed into a chapter for the book.

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