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Follow The Money

Japan Decarbonizing Would Be Huge

We went to Japan this summer, and it’s an amazing place (see my Japan In

Rooftop Solar Marketing In California, Post NEM

Now that rooftop solar in California isn’t the total financial no-brainer it was before April

Is Your Law Firm Part Of The Climate Problem?

Does your law firm represent fossil fuel companies, or otherwise fight to prolong the use

Climate Tech

Forty Great Climate Tech Podcast Episodes

Want to go deep on climate tech and decarbonization? Binge some podcasts! In particular, these

Battery Generators Are Coming For Diesel

It can be hard to stay emotionally ‘up’ in the war against fossil fuels… because

Climate Tech Breakthroughs To Watch For In 2023

Climate tech is moving fast. But fossil fuels are cheap and entrenched, so we need

Five Great Energy Transition Podcasts

I like listening to podcasts about climate solutions. Podcasts about climate tech, energy and the

What’s A Transformer, Anyway?

My all-electric house is powered by an antique. I love old stuff, but the PG&E

Climate fun

A Playlist of Awesome Heat Pump Ads

What if the U.S. had great marketing for heat pumps? They do in other countries… take a look at these

The Japanese Art Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are everywhere in Japan. They’re advertised constantly on TV (as they are all over Asia, see this playlist).

Climate Superhero Avatars

Need a new avatar? Or just a visual reminder of you own climate superpowers? Here’s a gallery of climate superheroes

Climate Art, Made By Artifical Intelligence

I killed a few hours yesterday putting climate-related phrases into OpenAI’s DALL-E text-to-image generator to see what would happen. And

Not climate

Backstage At Madison Square Garden

I got to live the dream last night – VIP backstage passes at a rock

Japan In Twenty Photos

We just visited Japan for the first time; it’s an amazing place. For those of

Will Multicultural Education Matter In The AI Age?

I was invited to write an essay for a book about the future of multilingualism

Resistance Heating And The Billionaire

Yesterday we took a tour of Hearst Castle, and it got me interested in resistance

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