About me

I grew up in Massachusetts, moved to California in the nineties, and live in Berkeley now. I co-founded Quizlet Inc. and was CEO from 2009-2015. Before that I did things like starting Boston.com for The Boston Globe, working at startups like Netscape and Evite, running thought leadership events, and writing.

About this blog

This blog is where I write and think. If anything here strikes a chord, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at dmargulius on gmail, or on Twitter (@margulius).

About my climate focus

I spend most of my time trying to raise awareness on the climate crisis and help people take action faster. The main message is we must go faster. Everybody needs to be working on this. Everyone has superpowers. Just do something… and if you’re already doing something, please do more. Thanks!

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