Want to go deep on climate tech and decarbonization? Binge some podcasts! In particular, these forty great episodes I’ve hand-picked for you.

It may also help to brush up on your climate tech/decarb lingo using my climate tech made easy reference guide. Enjoy!

On grids:

Utility grid capacity (Catalyst)
Transmission planning (Volts)
Interconnection queues (Volts)

On grid power:

Virtual Power Plants (ETS)
7/24 clean energy (Volts)

On solar:

Solar predictions (Catalyst)
Solar growth (Bloomberg)

On hydro:

Small hydro (Volts)
Hydropower update (Volts)
Building hydropower (Catalyst)

On geothermal:

Enhanced geothermal (Volts)
Geothermal update (Volts)

On nuclear:

SMRs (Catalyst)
Japan’s nuclear dilemma (ETS)

On chips:

Digital breakers (Volts)
Wide bandgap semiconductors (Power Up)

On batteries:

Battery recycling (Volts)
Lithium ion batteries (Volts)
Storage technologies (Catalyst)

On heating and cooling:

Heat pumps (Catalyst)
Networked heat (Catalyst)

On efficiency:

Scaling efficiency (Volts)
Unglamorous solutions (ETS)

On cooking:

Gas stoves (Volts)
Battery induction stoves (Volts)

On industry:

Industrial heat (Volts)
Cement (Catlyst)

On food and agriculture:

Nitrous Oxide (Catalyst)
Food waste (Catalyst)

On hydrogen:

Clean hydrogen (Volts)
Electrolyzers (Volts)
Ammonia (Catalyst)

On carbon:

Carbon intro cement (Volts)
Carbon capture (Catalyst)
Carbon markets (Catalyst)

On far out stuff:

Space-based solar (Catalyst)
Electric aviation (Catalyst)

On economics:

Cost curves (Volts)
Economic thinking (Volts)

On finance:

Coal finance (Volts)
Loan financing (Volts)

On fossil fuels:

Methane (Catalyst)
Gas pricing (Catalyst)