What You Can Do Right Now To Defeat Trump

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(Updated 9/21/20)

Act now: this election will be scarily close.

Another four years of Donald Trump is unthinkable; but I think there’s a very real chance he’s on track to win. Don’t assume it can’t happen – the swing state polls are tightening (and were totally wrong in 2016 anyway). Remember that Trump became president by just 11,837 votes in Michigan. Please do one easy thing from the list below, if you don’t want four more years of this nightmare.

1) Drive swing-state GOTV by supporting specific House campaigns (or quick donate to all). They’re a great way to drive extra Biden/Harris votes where it matters:
Florida: Mucarsel-PowellBanyai, Cohn; Pennsylvania: Finello, DePasquale, Wild, Cartwright, Lamb; Michigan: Scholten, Hoadley, Stevens, Slotkin; Georgia: McBath, Bordeaux; North Carolina: Timmons-Goodson, Davis, Manning, Ross; Arizona: O’Halleran, Tiperneni; Wisconsin: Kind, Polack; Minnesota: Peterson, Feehan, Craig; Nevada: Lee, Horsford; Maine: Golden

2) Choose specific Senate campaigns to support (or quick donate to all). My top picks for flipping the Senate and helping Biden/Harris GOTV are: Michigan: Peters; Georgia: Ossoff, Warnock; North Carolina: Cunningham; Alaska: Gross; Iowa: Greenfield; Montana: Bullock.
(Note: Kelly/AZ, Hickenlooper/CO, Gideon/ME and Smith/MN already have enough money)

3) Help recruit poll workers. Crucial to ensure fair vote counting, given expected chaos and worker shortages. Make recruitment calls yourself into NevadaOhioNorth Carolina, and Wisconsin. Or if you know potential poll workers in any swing state (relatives, friends), send them to Power to the Polls or Poll Hero.

4) Help mobilize voters and ballots (or quick donate to key swing state GOTV efforts). Sign up, volunteer, give money to: Vote.orgVote AmericaMi Familia VotaBlack Voters Matter, Color of Change, Advance Carolina, Mi Arizona, Voto LatinoNew Georgia ProjectThe Big Send, Center for Voter Information, Adopt-A-State, Swing Left, Vote Tripling, America Votes, Alliance for Youth Action, The Next 50.

5) Support election protection and voting rights protection. Fair Fight, Election Protection CoalitionGeorgia ACLU, Keystone Research Center (specify ‘Voter Project Fund’ in ‘tribute/notes’ field), Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. If you’re a lawyer, sign up with the Biden campaign and Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights.

6) Support state house races and fight gerrymandering. DLCC, Forward MajoritySister District and Climate Cabinet.

7) What about giving directly to Biden/Harris? You can do that here, and you should. Your dollars may go further supporting the Senate, House and GOTV campaigns listed above, but it doesn’t hurt to do it all.

Then: Please tell three friends or share this blog post with them.



Please give as much and do as much as you can right now, this week.

Don’t let this unthinkable nightmare happen again… and don’t think it can’t.

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