Got a puppy this week, after many years of wanting a dog. And he’s awesome.

My nieces and nephews on the east coast picked the name Champ, the monster that lives at the bottom of Lake Champlain. I’m not a sports fan, but I have to admit, watching him run half a mile through the Detroit airport to change gates (I flew him back to CA in a little carry-on bag), I realized he will really live up to his name.

I got Champ from Crangold Kennels, a golden retriever breeder in Charlotte, Vermont run by Kathy Kehoe, who’s been breeding goldens since the 80s. We knew them because my brother and his wife had gotten two great dogs from them.

The day we picked Champ up was snowing and beautiful. Having spent his first eight weeks on an idyllic Vermont farm, he was excited to hop in a car full of strangers and start his new adventure, which that afternoon included sledding and almost biting my nephew’s ear off.


Here he is walking to the car that first day…


Here he is foraging with his half-uncle Tukka, my brothers’ family’s dog.


He’s a lap-sitter.


Checking in at the Burlington airport, he was curious about the scale.


At Pet Food Express.


Taking a break from eating wood chips.


The baby seal look.


At Burton headquarters (and flagship store). He likes the daredevil feel of the brand.


With the UPS driver who had to have a picture.


Defending the perimeter of the yard.


Artsy Champ montage by Tina Hoff.


This LL bean catalog came two weeks before I picked Champ up. Good timing!


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  1. Very happy for you, Dave!

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