Homeless men in Los Angeles (New York Times)

Want to learn more about homelessness in the United States? I spent a couple of days trying to find the best, most informative articles I could on a variety of aspects of homelessness. Here’s what I found (somewhat California-centric) – I’ll keep adding articles as I come across them.

Homelessness article archives: New York TimesLos Angeles Times – The GuardianSan Francisco ChronicleBerkeleysideSF Homeless Project

A ‘Bright Light,’ Dimmed in the Shadows of Homelessness (New York Times)
Mar 3rd, 2018

L.A.’s homelessness surged 75% in six years. Here’s why the crisis has been decades in the making (LA Times)
Feb 2nd, 2018

Living in a parking lot amid Santa Barbara’s wealth is a kind of middle-class homelessness (LA Times)
Dec 23rd, 2017

Bussed Out: How America Moves its Homeless (The Guardian)
Dec 20th, 2017

Are drug rehab centers fueling homelessness in Southern California? (OC Register)
Dec 17th, 2017

Hepatitis A outbreak among homeless a byproduct of California’s housing crunch (Washington Post)
Oct 25th, 2017

Sacramento sees a startling surge in homeless people (Sacramento Bee)
Oct 17th, 2017

Learning While Homeless (The Atlantic)
Oct 5th 2017

Despite money and effort, homelessness in SF as bad as ever (SF Chronicle)
June 26, 2017

Homelessness is a Solvable Problem (Urban Institute)
April 6th, 2017

New York Spends $1.2 Billion a Year on Homelessness, and Yet The Problem is Only Getting Worse (New York Magazine)
Mar 22nd, 2017

Lloyd Pendleton: The Housing First Approach to Homelessness (TED Talk)
Nov 2016

Homelessness in Berkeley: An overview (Berkeleyside)
June 29, 2016

Homelessness in Berkeley: The fact sheet (Berkeleyside)
June 29, 2016

Would stronger enforcement of laws against street camping and petty crime reduce homelessness? (San Francisco Chronicle)
June 29, 2016

A Better Model, A Better Result (San Francisco Chronicle)
June 29, 2016

The streets’ sickest, costliest: the mentally ill (San Francisco Chronicle)
June 29, 2016

Solution to SF’s homeless problem starts with supportive housing (San Francisco Chronicle)
June 29, 2016

Old and on the Street: The Graying of America’s Homeless (NY Times)
May 31, 2016

How Can the U.S. End Homelessness? (The Atlantic)
April 25th, 2016

America’s Tent Cities for the Homeless (The Atlantic)
Feb 11th, 2016

Anti-homeless spikes: ‘Sleeping rough opened my eyes to the city’s barbed cruelty’ (The Guardian)
Feb 18, 2015

The Shockingly Simple, Surprisingly Cost-Effective Way to End Homelessness (Mother Jones)
Feb 17, 2015

Understanding Homelessness Project Data Visualization
Begun 2015

New York has more homeless than it has in decades: What should the next mayor do? (The New Yorker)
Oct 28th, 2013

Becky Blanton: The Year I Was Homeless (TED Talk)
July 2009

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