I was in Capitola last weekend and came across this awesome public art project, on the boardwalk downtown, from 2008.

2017-11-24 11.58.12

What’s really cool (aside from the colorful fun and diverse tiles of course!) is the community passion that comes through and the fact that ten years later this mosaic is still in great shape with no vandalism. There must be almost a thousand tiles – they go on for quite a ways. There was also a book published about the project, though it’s currently out of print.

2017-11-24 12.41.20

Here are some more photos I took. They speak for themselves!

2017-11-24 11.58.172017-11-24 11.58.142017-11-24 11.56.292017-11-24 11.56.352017-11-24 11.56.312017-11-24 11.55.002017-11-24 11.54.18

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