Bought this badass stool today… I’m assuming it’s Korean War era, since it’s marked “Selective Service System,” and looks to be dated 1950, the year the Selective Service was reactivated after being dormant since WWII. (I showed it to my dad at lunch, and he recalled his experience with the Selective Service in 1953 when he started at MIT).


A couple of things I really like about this stool: it’s incredibly sturdy, and really the¬†only stool of this type I’ve seen that doesn’t get wobbly when you extend it to its full height (32″, although you can get another inch or two if you reset a screw inside the mechanism). Also, it has that space age feel to it, thanks to the footrest and the legs that look like they’re about to take off as soon as mission control gives the word.

I’m planning to use this with my standing desk, for when I want to take a break from standing.


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