Most songs about political issues aren’t very good songs. But check out these tunes written in the 60s and 70s, when folk and rock musicians en masse protested against air and water pollution – they’re really good!

Nobody knew about climate change then, so these songs seem almost naive and blissfully innocent. But like the war on war on coal songs I wrote about last week, they’re also haunting… how can fifty years have gone by without anybody listening?

Pollution (Tom Lehrer, 1965)

Fresh Garbage (Spirit, 1968)

Slower Than Guns (Iron Butterfly, 1970)

Mercy Mercy Me / The Ecology (Marvin Gaye 1971)

Mercy Mercy Me.png

Don’t Go Near The Water (Beach Boys, 1971)

Don't Go Near The Water.png

Death of Mother Nature Suite (Kansas, 1974)

Death of Mother Nature Suite.png

What Have They Done to The Rain (Malvina Reynolds, 1962)

My Dirty Stream (Pete Seeger, 1966)

My Dirty Stream.png

There Won’t Be No Country Music (C.W. McCall, 1976)

Hungry Planet (The Byrds, 1970)

Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell, 1970)

Big Yellow Taxi.png