My Favorite Jigsaw Puzzles

Last year I started doing jigsaw puzzles, which are great for getting away from screens, and for mental health generally. There’s a world of them out there (see completed ones on reddit), including some with beautiful artwork. Here’s some I’ve done so far.

Pomegranate jigsaw puzzle - Rex Ray

I lived near Rex Ray’s studio for almost twenty years, but didn’t know about him until I discovered a limited-edition book of his work in 2015. He unfortunately died that year. Wonderful art, sorry to have missed him.

New York Puzzle Company "It's a Jungle Out There"

I have a picture of my dad when he was young with this lion. Can’t beat the NYPL and the New Yorker typeface, and the pigeons are a nice touch.

Pomegranate "Portrait of Orleans" - Edward Hopper

No one does small town America better than Edward Hopper in my opinion.

Jigsaw puzzle Mary McLeod Bethune - Charles White

A beautiful and really cool design. I hadn’t heard of Charles White but really liked this one.

Pomegranate "Saguaro Glass Design" (Frank Lloyd Wright)

This one was hard to do, lots of areas/patterns that look the same. This puzzle’s now out of stock because they licensed the design to another company.

Pomegranate "Cakes and Pies" (Wayne Thiebaud)

This painting grew on me a lot while I was doing it. I always loved Thiebaud’s bubble gum dispenser… wish they’d make that into a puzzle.