Let’s Fix This: Berkeley’s Sidewalk-Cleaning Trucks Are Spewing Noxious Emissions

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Watch this video: I was surprised upon leaving the YMCA this morning to see this Berkeley city vehicle spewing noxious foul-smelling clouds of soot:

This belching diesel mechanism (a ‘Hydro-Tek mobile wash skid’), was powering a handheld washer being used to clean the sidewalk on Harold Way, but you could smell the fumes far around the corner on Allston.

I was surprised that the city employee operating the truck didn’t seem concerned about unleashing a toxic cloud to wash the sidewalk. But it’s not his job to question it… it’s ours.

Has the city has taken a look at the normal carbon emissions of this (and other) machines we use and asked if it’s worth it?

We’re at the point in the climate crisis where we need to look at the carbon emissions of everything we do and ask: ‘do we really need to do this?’

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