Dad and I finally got into a professional recording studio last week, at U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. I wanted to do a test run for my upcoming podcast, with him as my first guest. Here’s the recording, only lightly edited:

Thanks dad for doing this, it was fun and I learned a lot! Also thanks to Lucas and others who suggested great questions, and to Topher our sound engineer for a great job.

The Mor-Macmoon – the cargo/troop ship Dad came to America on in 1946.
MorMacmoon better ship card
More details about the ship.
Joan of Arc Junior High
Dad’s Junior High School on West 93rd Street
The Brooklyn Dodgers were Dad’s favorite baseball team.
dad science experiment
Dad showing off a science experiment at Forest Hills High School.
dad with nypl lion
Dad at the New York Public Library
1948 Buick Special
Dad’s first car – a 1948 Buick Special, with ‘Dyna-Flush’ transmission. His was blue.
Dad and his business partner George Bruschi in 1978… a manufacturing dynamic duo!
Dad dressed as an aging rocker for a Berkeley soiree, 2015 (‘I didn’t inhale’)
2015 April Harry's Birthday (292)
With Mom at 80th Birthday party at Sauls.
dad with parents
Dad with his parents, Max and Clara, by the harbor (note MIT logo shirt)
dad with grandfather david rosenthal front
Dad with his grandfather in Bucharest around 1937.


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