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Engagement is a marketing word for how fully and actively customers use your products.

Dogs Don’t Lie

Imagine there are seven different businesses at your home serving your dog, each vying for attention (and engagement):

  1. Food Bowl Incorporated
  2. Water Bowl International
  3. Rope Toy Industries
  4. Squeaky Toys R Us
  5. Dog Bed Leisure Productions
  6. Tennis Ball Chase LLC
  7. Floor Food Scraps Associates

Each business has an invisible marketing person responsible for tracking the following engagement metrics of their sole customer, your dog:

  1. Sniffs
  2. Tail wags
  3. Licks
  4. Repeat visits per day
  5. Average time per visit
  6. New account creations
  7. Logins
  8. Paid subscriptions
  9. Mouth engagement
  10. Referrals to other dog customers

Fast forward one month, and the results are in:

Unfortunately, there were no new account creations, logins, or paid subscriptions at any of these businesses… so poor engagement there.

But three of the businesses (Food Bowl, Water Bowl and Dog Bed) did experience consistent numbers of repeat visits per day.

The businesses with the most engagement were Squeaky Toys and Food Floor Scraps, which experienced constant and enthusiastic sniffs, licks, and mouth engagement, along with the highest average time per visit and repeat visits per day.

The runners up were Rope Toy and Tennis Ball, with high tail wags and mouth engagement (in fact, almost too much mouth engagement), but low repeat visits and zero referrals to other dog customers.

So that’s what engagement is and how it’s measured. Whatever you do in stores or online these days, you’re getting tracked so marketers can figure out how to hook you in and get you more engaged.

Maybe throw them off with a sniff or a tail wag?

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