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Finally some research is coming out about the real cost of owning electric cars – confirming that while they cost a bit more up front (for now), they’re much cheaper to operate, in almost every way.

See this article in The Guardian for details.

I saw this article the same day a friend spent two hours getting her oil changed, waiting in the cold waiting room with bad magazines – a pleasure I’ve not had for several years because my first-generation Nissan Leaf has been almost maintenance free.

In fact, I guiltily blew off a couple years worth of recommended annual maintenance, only to have my total bill when I finally brought it in be $39 (I was expecting at least several hundred). They changed the wiper blades and an air filter, and said the brake pads were still fine four years later because the car’s regenerative braking avoids wear and tear.

It’s exciting to never have to stop at gas stations. But its really exciting to never have to pay an oil-leak related bill again, and never have to decipher the repair shop BS about what happened that supposedly costs $1,000 to repair.

There’s both major cost and hassle savings in owning an electric car, but it will take a while for people to figure this out because it only becomes obvious over time.

I’m glad people are starting to call attention to it, even as electric car purchase prices continue to fall.

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