I recently saw an exhibit of Cuban posters that took my breath away. Pictures speak louder than words, so I’m posting a bunch here (the museum allowed photography). Hope you enjoy these… click on images to enlarge.

2020-01-08 16.24.24.jpg

Here’s the official summary of the exhibit from the website of Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratifs:

“Sixty years after the end of the Cuban Revolution, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs presents an exhibition exploring the golden age of Cuban poster design spanning the 1960s and 1970s, and the unique manner in which the art form captured the era’s political and cultural context. Due to the country’s embargos and political isolation, Cuban poster design remained unknown for decades, and has only just begun to emerge from the its insulated birthplace. Affiches cubaines: révolution et cinéma, 1959-2019 (Cuban Posters: Revolution and Cinema, 1959-2019) explores this ebullient style of graphic design through 250 posters, most of which come from the museum’s collection.”

2020-01-08 16.19.07.jpg
2020-01-08 16.22.22.jpg
2020-01-08 16.27.30.jpg
2020-01-08 16.36.08.jpg
2020-01-08 16.29.53.jpg
2020-01-08 16.29.28.jpg
2020-01-08 16.29.21.jpg
2020-01-08 16.38.22.jpg
2020-01-08 16.31.16.jpg
2020-01-08 16.27.54.jpg
2020-01-08 16.27.47
2020-01-08 16.28.38.jpg
2020-01-08 16.28.51.jpg
2020-01-08 16.30.01.jpg
2020-01-08 16.30.51.jpg
2020-01-08 16.31.05.jpg
2020-01-08 16.32.38.jpg
2020-01-08 16.32.09.jpg
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2020-01-08 16.35.25.jpg
2020-01-08 16.35.34.jpg
2020-01-08 16.35.44.jpg
2020-01-08 16.35.52.jpg
2020-01-08 16.27.02.jpg
2020-01-08 16.23.11.jpg
2020-01-08 16.21.35.jpg
2020-01-08 16.21.06
2020-01-08 16.19.23.jpg
2020-01-08 16.42.55.jpg