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5:49pm my phone just screeched with that emergency-alert sound… first ever for grid emergency/reduce usage. I expected a kidnapping alert… basically what utilities have done with regulators anyway to block renewables. #FlexAlert

Tesla heat warning this morning. What It should have said: California’s grid will max out as the sun sets (A/C use) the next three days. Charge your car mid-day when the sun’s high and the grid’s flush with solar. ⁦@California_ISO⁩ ⁦⁦@Tesla⁩

The dominance of bikes is the amazing thing about Copenhagen… they rule the road, every street has a separated bike lane; you feel totally safe.

And then there’s stuff like this new, buzzy @PolestarCars electric car showroom in Malmo, across the bridge in Sweden. Much greater variety of electric cars in Europe than US; Like going to an electric car zoo with all the animals.

Electrification’s both old and new in Europe. Trains have been electric for decades, both passenger and freight, thanks to infrastructure/catenary built out over time. Here’s a look into the simple cab of a modern regional train.

Head scratcher… this @GasolineGrill kiosk perfectly captures Copenhagen’s climate contradictions: sells mostly red meat and diesel, but also offers a 75kw car charger and the clientele’s mostly on foot or bike.

@greggvt You can frame your maul for the wall, John, as soon as you get your new heat pump system! (You’ll enjoy the AC in summer, too, wood can’t do that)

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