Energy World Cup ’22: Round of Sixteen

World Cup of Energy ’22 logo created by DALL-E

Here’s the lineup: the sixteen energy sources duking it out for global energy dominance, as they take the field today in 2022. There’s lots of diversity, and some unlikely matchups here.

Making a big comeback this year. But still playing dirty?

Worth a look based on their newfound versatility and potential.

Utility Scale Solar
Backed by big sponsors; but moving too slowly?

Distributed Solar
A fan favorite… coordination is the big question mark.

Methane Gas
A lock for a top slot, despite stumbles earlier this year.

Hanging in there, though not out of the woods.

Onshore Wind
Powerful, but many don’t like the looks of them.

Offshore Wind
Huge but also unmoored; they have a lot to prove.

Conventional Nuclear
Experienced, dangerous, and not going anywhere.

Advanced Nuclear
A long shot but skeptics ask, can they deliver?

Perpetual also-ran, but can still bring the heat.

Surprising power, versatility and ability to generate loyalty.

Overly focused on competing with Diesel?

Hit a low water mark recently, but keep an eye on them, they’re pumped!

Crude Oil
The powerhouse with the unrefined playing style.

How is this team still even competing?