About TinyMBA

TinyMBA is a work in progress… I started writing these stories to help kids understand business, and then realized it could be useful for adults, too.

Our world is dominated by big money and big business: forces which are driving and accelerating climate destruction, inequality, and many other problems. If you want to stand up and fight for the future you want, whatever that is, you have to understand them.

People think money and business are complicated and hard, but actually the core concepts are quite simple. The goal of TinyMBA is to provide explanations everyone can understand, that are hopefully also a little fun.

TinyMBA covers traditional business school categories like accounting, economics, finance, investing, business models, strategy, product, marketing, operations, technology, and organizational behavior. As well as non-traditional yet important ones like dogsanimals, and food.

Thanks to Konani, Avery and Madeleine, the middle and high school students who’ve drawn the illustrations for TinyMBA to date.

Hope you find TinyMBA useful!