Time To Get Involved

The climate crisis is an all-hands-on-deck, global emergency.

Our fossil fuel economy is destroying the atmosphere, trapping heat which will make the planet unlivable soon if we don’t change course.

Markets alone wont solve the problem. Technology won’t solve it. Policy/politics won’t solve it.

We have to push and fight on all fronts, and fast, because the status quo is so entrenched.

We have to dismantle the fossil fuel economy (decarbonize) – completely stop burning oil and gas – and that’s just for starters.

If you’ve been thinking about spending time or money on climate, now’s the time.

If you’ve been doing some things, now’s the time to do more.

There’s lots of great ways to get involved.

I started putting this together for myself, then realized it might be useful for others. Thanks to Madeleine, Konani and Avery for contributing illustrations. And to all the inspiring people worldwide fighting their hearts out each day to save the planet.